Additional Services

Our advertising includes not only the square. meters and prices, but also “individual touch”. A price: include not only the “utilities” such as “power, garbage, and Internet”. Our customers also have the privilege to count on our support in what else, which is somewhere in a long text briefly described as “Additional Service”, but actually contains a scored 4 years experience, giving the right to share existing contacts and the ability to organize calculation of local conditions.

Our access to communication

We think this is one of the most important aspects. Whatever questions or problems you may arise. For our tenants, we are available in Facebook, via email, in person, or on the phone. There is nothing worse than a landlord who cannot be reached and nothing worse than going to another country not knowing what awaits you. Prior to your arrival or during your stay, we are always in touch.

In addition for our customers, we have created a section of SUPPORT (in the top menu), where we share with our customers useful direct contacts, basic information on the orientation on the spot and useful tips for local knowledge because we realize it can be difficult for people new to the country and we try to assist with our own experiences here. We share tips on what to buy and what products can be most useful to you in life here and apartment care under these sometimes difficult Dominican climate conditions. This is also to avoid awkward moments during the hand over of apartments and inventory at contract termination.

More than just “Apartments to rent”

Sometimes “just for fun” we spontaneously get together as friends, gathering out of the house or going out together on shopping excursions. We also sometimes celebrate together for holidays and birthdays. Our tenants help each other to overcome the sometimes not so simple routines of the Dominican Rep. which can be quite different when you are away from all that is familiar.

We care about our clients and the clients care about each other. Everyone does a little here and there according to their lives, abilities, and responsibilities. In addition we the owners take care of overall maintenance and improvements. We make every effort to organize the maintenance of order and the creation of comfort in the territory of our residence, but in the first order – this is YOUR HOME.

We all sit in the same boat. Away from everything familiar and dear.
The meaning of the words ” just like home” depends on you too.