Meet the Management Team

Dear Guest:

We would like to welcome you to our little piece of paradise near Cabarete. Ralph comes from Chicago, USA and Tina comes from Odessa, Ukraine. As a management team we complement each other with our dedication to the various aspects of operating a successful vacation rental enterprise. Ralph speaks English and German, whereas Tina is well versed in Russian. Our prime objective is to provide our guests with a pleasant and relaxing environment. We may not always be visible at our complex, but we are continuously at work behind the scenes to ensure our guests will have great memories of their stay with us.

We are very accessible thru various means of communication. We believe this is one of the most important aspects of successful rental property management. For our tenants, we are available on Facebook, by email, in person, or on the telephone. There is nothing worse than a manager who cannot be reached and nothing worse than visiting a foreign country without knowing what awaits you there. Prior to your arrival and during your stay, good communication is a priority for us.

Additionally, we have created a section labeled USEFUL INFORMATION, where we share with our tenants direct contacts, basic orientation information and useful tips for local knowledge. We realize it can be difficult for first-time visitors to our tropical area, so we try to assist with our own experiences here. We share tips on what products to buy, and what information would be most useful to you for comfortable living in a tropical environment.

We want our guests to feel as much at home here as we do. We take great pride in being not only the managers, but also being the catalysts to promote a sense of well being, camaraderie and friendship among our guests. Please do not hesitate to approach either one of us with a good suggestion for improvements, changes or anything else that may be useful in our endeavor to make your time here “the best vacation ever”.


Ralph and Tina