Monday October 10th, 2016


A month ago, our dream came true and we became owners of the complex “Palms Island Apartmentsrentals”. Having listened to this complex, we have adopted from the owners a good tradition, which we will try to continue. But, you understand, every owner wants to introduce something new into the image of his business. And we immediately set to work. Forced to refuse some of the clients to rent, we did […]
Tuesday March 8th, 2016

Why you should choose Cabarete

High Season and chill coming to an end. As a rule, with the month of March, every day becomes warmer and warmer and summer is gaining its momentum. Warmer is not only air, but also water in the ocean. That, in turn, promotes the growth of algae, which every year unfortunately is becoming more active. In the hot summer months it is especially felt in the Eastern region of the […]